Paul Frater

Paul Frater

Paul Frater is a passionate and dedicated Credentialed Diabetes Educator with 19 years experience in Nursing and 6 years experience in Diabetes Education. He has a Bachelor of Nursing, Master of Advanced Nursing and Post Graduate Certificate in Diabetes Management.

As Clinical Nurse Consultant, Paul has successfully assisted in the launch of 4 Diabetes Clinics in the region from Kempsey to Coffs Harbour. As part of an outreach program to assist clients in rural areas, he also established weekly remote clinics, utilising tele-health. In addition, Paul has worked in community nursing in Kempsey as the Clinical Nurse Specialist.

Paul likes to keep his knowledge base up to date and relevant by attending online and face-to-face training and seminars out of work hours.

Many of the various areas that he can assist with include:

  • Information and understanding about the nature and spectrum of diabetes
  • How diabetes affects individuals and family members
  • Portion control and how carbohydrates affect diabetes management
  • The need for exercise
  • What individual diabetes medications do and their potential side effects
  • Guidance on self-management of diabetes
  • Insulin commencement and titration
  • Guidance in monitoring blood glucose levels and pathology
  • And many other aspects related to diabetes.